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Our Garments:

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Feel Great

Our fabrics are never itchy and feel great against the skin

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They last longer than big name MTM companies

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Cut from 21 measurements to ensure it fits your frame

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Are Made from Scratch

Cut to your measurements, we do not alter an exisiting garment

Suit Fabrics

Our current collection of suit fabrics. Click on the name to see everything we currently have to offer. Any fabric can be made to fit your measurements. Whether you are a bodybuilder or have never had a fitted suit.

  • Wool Blends:
  • Knox – Wool Blend - $899
  • Jaxon – Wool Blend - $899

Polish Linen – 100% Linen - $899
Pure Organic Cotton – Cotton w/ stretch - $899
Uncrushable Cotton - Cotton w/ stretch - $899

Some of our thousands of custom suit fabrics for men

Dress Shirt Fabrics

Our current collection of dress shirt fabrics. Click on the name to see everything we currently have to offer. Our shirts are cut from your measurements so if you are a body builder or slim guy, our suits will fit you.

  • Single & 2-Ply Cotton:

  • Solids & Subtle Patterns:
  • Nano – Single Ply Cotton - $144
  • Otorongo – Single and 2ply cotton - $175
  • Snow – Single and 2-ply cotton - $175
  • Spectrum – 100% Single and 2-ply cotton - $175
  • Agua Cristalina – Single and 2ply cotton - $175

  • Stripes:
    Shaman – Single and 2ply cotton - $175

  • Check Patterns:
  • Bobinsawa – Single and 2ply cotton - $175

  • Saxon – Single and 2ply cotton - $175

    Heavy Patterns:
  • Quinto – Single and 2ply cotton - $175

    2-Ply Cotton:
  • Aaron Sadler – 100% 2-ply cottons - $249
  • Seasonal:
  • Irish Linen – 100% Irish Linen - $175
    • Dress Shirt Buttons:
  • Buttons– Included to $25
A stack of bespoke dress shirts for men, pink, light grey, light pink, white, light blue, purple

Introducing - Custom Cotton Polos

Cut from 8 of your measurements and made from 100% cotton, 180 gsm which is a mid-weight cotton. Perfect for year round wear.

Cost: $175
Now: $149

Style Tips & Exclusive Products

Learn how to dress for your profession and body shape. Also, learn quick style tips and get access to new products.

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