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Henrik Lundqvist
Every guy needs a go to style icon, someone with a vast wardrobe to inspire you on how to build yours. They need to have properly fitted outfits and someone who catches your eye almost every time you see a picture of them.
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As a custom suit company we look for men who are rocking all different styles of suits. If you have a more casual style or work in a casual office setting the person you look up to may be a bit different. What we are always looking for are three things:
  1. Fit
  2. Versatility
  3. Timeless and Classy


They wear garments that fits their body type. Sleeves and pants are the right length, there is a taper in the pants, shirt and jacket. It has to be obvious that they have a great tailor and know how a garment is supposed to fit.


A versatile wardrobe is one that has something for every occasion. Beach day to wedding, black tie to boardroom, their wardrobe has it all. Those who don't have the same bank account as Daniel Craig or Henrik Lundqvist should be building their wardrobe intentionally. Keep in mind what you have, come up with a list of what you need and do not waver off of that too often.

Check out our Wake Up & Go package which is designed with this in mind.


This one is very important for those on a budget. Buying trends will waste money and have you shopping way too often. Let's play a game of "This, Not That."


​Dark wash denim jeans
​Boat Shoes
​Short sleeve button down shirt
​U neck undershirts
​Cashmere sweater
​Round Toe Dress Shoe


Pre-ripped jeans
​Crocs or Flip Flops
​T-Shirts with brand names across them
​Crew neck undershirts
​Box Toe Dress Shoe
Not to say you can't have some fun in your wardrobe but if you are on a strict budget you need to stick to the classics. Buying quality clothing, which doesn't necessarily mean name brand, will last longer. I have been guilty of spending less but shopping more often because the garments wear out much faster.


Fit, versatility and timeless are your three goals. Remember to always buy higher quality even if it means paying more. You will be saving money in the long run.

Who is your style icon? James Bond is the obvious choice for many men, but is there someone who when you see them make you want to start buying some new clothes? Let us know in the comments below.

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