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Understanding what Bespoke is can be confusing because it gets labeled under a plethora of different titles like Tailor Made Suits, Tailored Suits, Designer Suits, Saville Row Suits, Made to Measure Suits, Custom Suits and Custom Made Suits, some are accurate some are not. Below we will tell you exactly what Bespoke clothing is.


Bespoke Men's clothing is a custom fit. We take 15-20 measurements compared to the 3-5 you will get from off the rack.

​Many men go into an off the rack store (OTR) and can't find something that fits properly. Those articles of clothing are made for an average size where Bespoke is made to your size, hence the extra 10+ measurements.
We have clients come to us who have broader shoulders so they buy a shirt or jacket that fits in the shoulders but then is way too baggy in the stomach. Or, they have longer arms so they buy a shirt to fit their arms but then the shirt goes down to their knees. Bespoke gets rid of this problem.


Walking into a store will only give you so many options when it comes to what colours and fabrics you can buy. You may find a colour you love but it doesn't fit you. Bespoke has thousands of fabrics to choose from that can then be made to your measurements.

Whatever you see, we can make it into a suit, vest, blazer, sports coat, or pants. From there we can decide on what the jacket looks like right down to the buttons, lapels and inside lining. It is a unique experience that most men don't even know exists.
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Many men think that Bespoke is thousands of dollars which is not the case. If you walk into an OTR store you will be paying anywhere from $600-$3,500+ for a suit, then you will be paying for the alterations on top of that.

With Cardero Clothing, we keep our overhead low to keep the cost low. Our suits start under $800 and they are the same fabrics you will be buying at the OTR store for over $1,500 since many are sourced from the same textile mills. The alterations are also covered by us. At the end of the day you can actually save money going bespoke!


The fit, the fabric, the customization, the price..bespoke is an experience that can save you time and money in the long run. I hope we helped you understand what bespoke is and how it works. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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