Velvet is not one of the staple suits in your wardrobe but it is perfect for a formal dinner or a stylish event where you want to make your mark. Velvet is known for its ability to repel smoke, hence the term "smoking jacket", but that doesn't mean you have to be a smoker to wear it. This post will be a everything you need to know about velvet.


A smoking jacket is famous in cigar lounges and when smoking in doors was still a thing. In most western countries smoking in doors is now illegal so the jacket has lost a bit of its purpose. The velvet, like silk smoking jackets, repels the smoke and doesn't have you leaving the establishment still inhaling the smoke that is stuck in the fibers. *Velvet works better than silk to repel the smoke

They were mostly made in robe form with a tie around the waist, that has evolved to a traditional fit smoking jacket without a taper, now we are seeing them come in with a more tapered fit thanks to people like Tom Ford.

Smoking jackets can be a tuxedo replacement as well, many men wear them in place of a tuxedo, which makes a lot of this advice transferable to tuxedo's as well.

We will mainly look at the modern version of the smoking jacket moving forward.



Modern smoking jackets don't need a quilted lapel or turn up cuffs. For a wedding or formal event the jacket can still look much like a suit jacket, but there should be a few rules you stick to:

- Peak or shawl silk lapels
- No vent in the back
- Three pockets
- Usually one button or double breasted
- Mid-thigh length
​- Wear it with a bow tie, never a tie
- Can also be made of silk
- Black tuxedo pants or solid pants


A smoking jacket should be tapered but not too tight. They are allowed to have a little more room in them since their initial use was for a robe. It should come down to your mid-thigh.

The pants should be tapered and ideally have zero break. Meaning the pants rest on the top of your shoe with no bagginess/extra fabric. Make sure no sock is showing.


With a tuxedo we will always steer you to a black patent leather shoe. Patent leather is really shiny. With a velvet smoking jacket you will usually want to wear velvet loafers or patent leather  loafers/slippers. Try and pass on lace up shoes, but they can work with a patent leather shoe.



Velvet needs to be taken care of properly, there are a few do and absolute do not's.

- Never, ever iron
- Steam and dry clean only
- Do not fold
- Do not squish it into your closet, suitcase or drawer


A velvet smoking jacket is a great addition to your wardrobe, especially if you attend black tie events or want an article of clothing to be remembered by. We have 48 velvet to choose from and a couple hundred silk to choose from both online and in person.

You do not want to just jump in without having a proper dress pant, dress shirt and bow tie to go with it. If you would like to purchase a smoking jacket make sure you have all the tools to wear it well.

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