Top Groom Style Mistakes

This is one area I can absolutely speak from experience. Cardero Clothing started a few months after I was married when I realized my rental suit for my wedding:

A.) Didn't fit properly at all
B.) Was terrible quality
C.) Had to be returned the day after my wedding

It was from there that I studied Men's formal wear to stop others from making the same mistakes. Here are a few of the things I learned along the way to stop you from making the same mistakes.

Many Grooms we work with have little knowledge in formal wear but they want to look great on there wedding day. Many even come back for more after their wedding because they love the feel of properly tailored clothing. My suit was long in the arms, wide in the chest & waist and the pants were not only loose at the hips and thighs but way too long. I look at our wedding photos now and cringe.

The purpose of this article isn't to explain everything to you but to let you know off the rack clothing fit a very small amount of people where rental suits fit an even smaller amount of body types. We chose to rent because our wedding party varied in sizes and we couldn't find any store that had the same style in all of the sizes we needed...if only Cardero Clothing was around then.
Man in a navy suit with a matching bow-tie and a white pocket square
This one baffles me. When you rent a suit they sign you up for a matching tie and pocket square knowing full well that is a no-no. The groom's best bet is to go with the white pocket square to match the bride and a tie that fits the theme of the wedding. As for the groomsmen I would suggest a tie that matches the bridesmaids and go with a white pocket square or an accent color of the wedding.
Wedding party properly co-ordinated with a groom standing out in a navy suit and groomsmen in matching charcoal suits
If extended family and friends of the bride can't clearly define who the Groom is, it may be a little confusing. It's your day too Gentlemen, you can dress up and stand out. Whether it is a different color suit, vest, or accessories you want to stand out in some way. 
Man wearing a maroon suit for his wedding with a matching tie and flower boutonniere
You do not have to go with grey or black. There are plenty of options of patterns and colors to go with that can still be timeless. We showcased a dark teal suit in a wedding fashion show and it was a huge hit! I always encourage our clients to stick with timeless looks which is why I highly recommend a white pocket square and a white dress shirt. Especially when you are thinking of a wilder pattern in your suit. I want you to look at your wedding photos for the rest of your life and not be ashamed with what you wore.
Wedding party with the Groom in a tan suit and white shirt and the wedding party matching in tan vests, pants and a blue shirt that do not fit
One reason I was forced to rent is because our Groomsmen were all the way from 5'5 to 6'4 with all shapes and sizes. It didn't matter what store we went to they didn't have the same suit in the right size for everyone. We could have compromised like the above picture with one vest being way too small but we decided not to for obvious reasons. With made to measure your size is irrelevant since everything is made to your measurements and the price point is right on what you are paying in the store, plus you are able to customize the whole garment.
Groom incorrectly wearing suspenders with a belt for his wedding
Here is a rundown of a few mistakes you may be unaware of:
  • Don't wear suspenders with a belt, it's redundant
  • Don't wear a tie bar with a vest, also redundant
  • Socks should match your pants (But I understand the fun of wild socks for your wedding day, so feel free to break this rule)
  • Never do up the bottom button on your jacket
  • Don't have a wide tie and a skinny lapel on the jacket or vice versa
  • Tie should come to your belt, not above, not below
  • Tie should be darker than your shirt
  • Leave the heavy wallet and keys somewhere, don't make your pockets bulky
  • Wear a pocket square, preferably a white one to match your bride
There is a lot to Men's fashion but when it comes down to it most of it is a quick fix when you bring in the right people to guide you along in the process. We will pour our knowledge into you to make sure your wedding party stands out. The best part is that our knowledge is all part of the appointment, it doesn't cost you anything.

Whether you are a client or not please do not hesitate to contact us for style advice. My purpose is to see Men everywhere advance in their lives, I believe we help in that process by giving you the confidence and means to dress your best.

Besides all of the fashion advice, I wish you well on your wedding day! It will be one of the greatest days of your life!

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