I have been asked many times "what do you want for Christmas?" I never have the time to create a list, let alone think of something on the spot to give someone. I believe many men are the same way.

I preach that your wardrobe goals should be adding high quality pieces and I believe Christmas is a great time to do that. But there are many time saving or essential items you can add on a budget.


Many guys sweat and the Thompson tee is the perfect addition to help combat sweating. It is breathable and catches the sweat to wick it away, which will keep it off your dress shirts and suits.
Price: $35+


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I follow a lot of knowledgeable people and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and the question of "best underwear brand" is asked a lot.

Saxx is the best.

​Stop buying the tighty whities or generic store brands. Saxx is breathable, moisture wicking and has the "ball pouch" to give your boys a cloud to rest on without sticking.
Price: $25 and up
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If you do not have enough watches to get a watch box quite yet, this will be your next best thing. I find my keys, wallet, change and pocket items end up on the edge of the counter. I hate the clutter, having a drawer valet keeps everything in one place.
Price: $68 and up


Organizing your outfit the night before on a suit valet allows you to sleep in a little longer and wake up and go, without the stress of trying to figure out what to wear.

From the suit, dress shirt, pocket square and tie all the way to the cuff links, shoes and watch. This valet will hold everything until the morning.
Price:​ $99
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If you have been wearing clip on suspenders/braces or have always worn a belt, it may be time to upgrade. Albert Thurston braces will attach to the inside of your pants for a stylish, classy and timeless outfit.

If you don't have suspenders buttons on your dress pants, take them to any tailor. The cost is minimal.
Price: $99
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The great thing about our gift cards is that you can put them towards any of our products or services. Looking for a wardrobe refresh? Check out our consulting services. Do you want something funky in a blazer or dress shirt? Check out our fabrics. Enter 2020 with a brand new addition to your wardrobe.
Price: Any Amount


We understand you are busy which is why we position our business in a way where we can save our clients time. If you need any other ideas, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Derek Burbidge
Owner of Cardero Clothing

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