We have clients who are Managers or in Sales in all different sectors including construction and farming. None of our clients have met a farmer plowing the fields in a suit. As we stated in our previous post you will want to know how to dress the part that speaks to your clients, but what if your client is in coveralls?
​If you wear a suit and tie at the office but need to go and meet people who wear anything but a suit and tie you are probably wondering how you should dress.
Specifically we will mention those who are in construction management or who work in sales with the farming industry. These examples can apply to many areas you are uncertain about whether you fit into those categories or ones like it.
Here are a few things to think of:
  • The vast majority of Men in construction or farming do not own a suit. Do not go in there with a full suit and tie.
  • Jacket: You can wear a blazer but a nice jacket that looks rugged or casual works as well, think a few extra pockets or epaulets.
  • Shirt: Wear a patterned dress shirt with the top button undone, long sleeve or short sleeve.
  • Tie: Take it off
  • Pocket Square: Simple white or blue in a conservative fold.
  • Pants: Wear khaki's or dark jeans, no suit pants.
  • Shoes: Steel Toe Boots. If they have to abide by the rules so do you, do not walk in there in fancy dress shoes or stylish boots. A lace up brogue boot works perfectly.
Lace Up Brogue Boot
The goal is to look like you worked your way up the ladder from the construction site or the fields to the office, not graduated a preppy school and were placed in that position. Even if that is true you want to relate with those you encounter. With that comes understanding the industry you work in from the inside out.

Regardless of what you wear, there will be razing on a construction site but that is the construction code, just roll with it and don't take yourself too seriously. You want to dress to be approachable and relatable but make sure you also get to know people while you are there. Build relationships, understand the industry and treat everyone with respect, that paired with a nice outfit will advance your career quickly.

Let us know if you have any stories, questions or comments. We wish you all the best in your career!

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