Suit Buttons, one button suit
One of the questions we ask our clients is how many buttons would you like? This can range from 1, 2, 3 or double breasted. Here is the rundown on what you should choose.


Suit Buttons, one button

  • A one button suit is not to be worn in a business setting. 
  • Choose a one button if you only own up to two-three suits. Save this for more of a casual look.
  • Not to be worn if you are under 6' tall.


Suit Buttons, two button
  • A two button suit is the most common and should be your go to for your first two-three suits.
  • It is perfect for office settings.


Suit Buttons, three button
  • A three button suit should be reserved for those who are taller than 6'4.


Suit Buttons, double breasted, 6 buttons 2 close
  • Not recommended for the office or your first few suits.
  • Wear it for special occasions, it is a statement piece that is not meant for daily wear.
This is meant to be a brief rundown so if you have any questions please comment below. Otherwise we hope this helped you narrow it down. To further expand on the buttons of the suit check out the 'Always, Sometimes, Never Rule'.
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