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Cardero Clothing is a made to measure clothing company, meaning the suit is made to over 15-20 measurements we take. You do not have to worry about the common issues larger Gentlemen come across like finding a neck size that fits, having room in the stomach, chest, crotch and thighs of the pants. Everything is adjusted properly. With that said, here are a few of the ways you can look stylish, proportionate and put together now that the sizing is no longer an issue.
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The most important part of your suit is the fit. Chances are you will not fit off the rack clothing, meaning if you go into a Big & Tall you will not be able to pull something off the rack and have it fit perfectly. They will alter it, to get it as close as possible but chances are it won't be perfect.

You will want it fitting properly in the shoulders, chest, waist as well as the in the length of the jacket sleeves and the jacket itself.

Notice how the before picture is too long and baggy in both the jacket and pants. The suit on the right is more tapered and has the proper length in every area. If the suit is too baggy it will make you look bigger than you are which is never the goal. Fit is key.


How should my suit fit, wearing a suit for a larger man, large mens suits Vancouver, large mens suit Fraser Valley, larger mens suit BC
Do not choose a heavy wool fabric for your suit, choose something that is lighter and drapes nicely. You may have to pay a bit more, not much, to have something thinner but it will last you a long time and feel great. It is also breathable so you do not sweat excessively.

When it comes to the pattern, do not choose any bold patterns likes checks, windowpanes  or stripes, especially not horizontal stripes. A solid dark colour or very subtle patterns are your best friend. Navy, charcoal, mid grey, deep blues, subtle pintstripes, glen checks, herringbone, etc. Pin stripes and herringbone, as long as they are subtle, draw the eye upwards towards the face which is the goal, rather than side to side.


Suit for a larger gentleman, what should a larger man wear


A pocket square draws attention away from the belly and to the chest. It is a very simple addition that can be added at a low cost. One you put it in your pocket it never has to leave.

We suggest a white cotton pocket square since it goes with pretty much everything. From there you can start to branch out into different colors, patterns and styles.

​The pocket square is a great place to show off your personality since you will want to tone down your suit patterns.


Having a wider upper body means you want to be proportionate in your tie width, and jacket lapel width. Wearing a skinny tie will look off, as will a skinny jacket lapel. Both will look disproportionate, which is why wearing a wider tie and jacket lapel will make you look dapper. Think about 3.75" and up.
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How should my suit fit, wearing a suit for a larger man, large mens suits Vancouver, large mens suit Fraser Valley, larger mens suit BC


If you have a wider or larger face you will want to choose a wide dress shirt collar spread. As you can see, the Gentleman in the picture has a collar that does not point straight down but actually out to the side. Again, this is about proportions.

As we mentioned above, with a made to measure dress shirt we actually take your neck measurement and create the shirt to that so you do not have to worry that it won't fit.


  • Made to measure to ensure a proper fit that works with your proportions
  • Lighter fabrics in weight, with subtle or no patterns
  • Darker colour fabrics
  • A wide spread collar on your dress shirt
  • A pocket square
  • Wider lapels or ties

If you have any questions or need help with anything please comment below or e-mail us. We would love to help!

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