How Should a Suit Fit Bodybuilders and Muscular Men?

Bodybuilders and muscular men wearing suits can be hard to look at. You work so hard at the gym but when it is time to attend a formal event you are lost at where to buy a suit that fits.

You either don't know bespoke clothing exists or believe the myth that it costs a ton of money.

In this post we will tackle the fit, colors/patterns, personalization's and accessories you should be wearing.

Fit is key, if you don't get this right it will ruin your whole outfit. It doesn't matter if it is a $500, $5,000 or $50,000 suit, fit is crucial. Here are the main areas you will need to focus on:
  • Tapered in the waist and pants, fitted in the shoulders and chest. You do not not want to look too bulky and the clothing should show off your physique, not cover it with extra fabric and baggy fits.
  • Proper length in the shoulder, sleeves and pants. See the below photos for a perfect guide on this from The Art of Manliness.
  • Your issue will almost always be buying something that is too big to compensate for a larger chest or thighs, making everything else too baggy. 

How a suit should fit a bodybuilder

If you are a competitive bodybuilder like some of our clients you may have to have two different outfits, one for your lower weight and one for your competition weight. We did this for a client, who has a 3 month wardrobe and a 9 month competition wardrobe.

The perfect fitting suit for bodybuilders and muscular men offer

CT Fletcher in a patterned suit for a bodybuilder
Bolder colors and patterns will usually be a bad look for you. When you enter a room most eyes will be on you anyways, you do not need to go overboard here.
This is our suggestion, and you can do what you want, so we will leave that up to you but here are our general guidelines.
  • Choose subtle patterns (as ISYMFS C.T. Fletcher exemplifies) or solid colors, navy blue, charcoal, olive, brown and in the summer, light grey or even a light pastel blazer (light blue for example) with neutral dress pants.
  • As for fabrics, choose lighter wool or cotton so you do not add more bulk and size.

Wide peak lapels on a navy suit. Made perfectly for bodybuilders and larger men.
These touches will make the look and tie everything together.
  • Wide lapels (the lower collar spreading across the chest) will bring the right attention to your broad shoulders. Having skinny lapels, a skinny dress shirt collar or a skinny tie will leave you looking disproportionate and silly.

A ticket pocket on a bespoke navy suit

  • Your jacket will be a larger size so little additions will help. Adding a ticket pocket (the smaller one on top) takes up the space which makes sure there are no large unoccupied spaces on the jacket.

A suit that shows off your bodybuilding physique

As mentioned above anything skinny will look terrible on you.
  • Go with a wider tie, think 3.25" at the very least. If you are much larger go with a 4" tie and keep your dress shirt collar and lapel width to that or 3.5" at the lowest as well.
  • Wear a pocket square for the same reason you would wear a ticket pocket, it draws the eye upward naturally and breaks up a large space in the jacket.
  • Wear less layers. No sweaters or heavy materials that will add bulk.


Bespoke is your best option at the end of the day. You can choose the fabric and personalization's that fit your body style. You do not need to worry about the cost of alterations or buying something way too big for you.

If you are wanting to work with what you have, find a highly recommended tailor in your area to taper and hem your clothing. They can also take out the shoulder pads which add a lot of bulk.

If you have any questions or would like to use us for your next outfit, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or check out our amazing offer to get your essential bespoke navy suit and white dress shirt for $988. That's $571 in savings!

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