how often do i dry clean my suit, how to take care of a suit, can i iron my suit, how to store my suit, suit care tips
There are many do's and don'ts when it comes to taking care of your suit. You will get lots of bad advice on general question boards and unfortunately from many stores. Here is a quick rundown for you.


On a quality wool suit all you have to do is let it hang. After a few days the wrinkles will naturally come out. On really stubborn wrinkles steam the suit, never making direct contact with the steamer to the fabric. 


how often do i dry clean my suit, how to take care of a suit, can i iron my suit, how to store my suit, suit care tips
Never, ever make direct contact with an iron on the suit. You can iron the suit if you have something in between the suit and the iron, like a pocket square. But even then we do not recommend it, it will cause a shine on the suit over time. Use a steamer instead.
One piece of "advice" you will see online is to let the suit hang in the bathroom with the shower turned on the hottest setting. A garment steamer is a way better option because it is controlled in the areas that need the wrinkles out allowing only so many water vapors to run across the fabric. Having it hang in the bathroom during a shower creates extra water vapors hitting every part of the jacket, it is uncontrolled and excessive which will damage the suit.
how often do i dry clean my suit, how to take care of a suit, can i iron my suit, how to store my suit, suit care tips


After wearing your suit:
  • Use a lint roller on the suit or use a horse hair brush to get any debris off the fabric
  • Put it in a garment bag
  • Leave the zipper partially undone to allow air to flow
  • Keep cedar blocks in your garment bag to absorb moisture and odors


Never put your suit in the laundry, always dry clean it but never as often as you would think. I dry clean my suits as little as once a year. Wool fabrics naturally wick away moisture and odors so if you let the fabrics rest (we usually recommend 7 days) it will be ready to wear again. 

The only time you should dry clean your suit is if you notice a smell after 7 days rest or if you spill on it. If it is a little spill, have it spot cleaned instead of dry cleaned if possible. Finding a really good dry cleaner is key to having your suits last a long time. Try and find a dry cleaner that does everything in house and does not ship it out to be done.


These little tips will help you have a suit that lasts you a long time:
  • Buy a second pair of pants and rotate them accordingly. The pants are the first to go after heavy wear so having a second pair will double the life of your suit.
  • Don't wear the jacket while driving or sitting, it will put unnecessary stress on the seams. Take it off and hang it properly, or drape it over the chair beside you. Don't put it over the back of the chair where you lean on the lapels.
  • Keep heavy items out of your pockets. Keys, big wallet, change and bulky phone cases should be downsized or placed in a briefcase.


Spending a little bit more on a quality fabric and taking care of it properly will have the suit last you much longer. Buying a $250 suit that lasts you about a year and having to re-buy it every year adds up quickly. Buying a quality suit that fits you properly will save you in the long run.

If you have any questions or need more advice comment below or e-mail us directly.

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