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It is the middle of winter and you still find a way to sweat in your suit. You are probably thinking it is futile, you’re giving up. Your undershirts are stained, your dress shirts are stained, and your suit may even be soaked through. How do you stop this from happening?

Although it is impossible from stopping your body from sweating, we can find way to cool you down with the right fabrics, provide better undershirts and limit the material in the suit.

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If you have polyester in your suit it is time to choose higher end materials since polyester does not allow you or your suit to breathe. Choose a super 120 to super 150, ('super' means 100% wool) in lighter weaves.

​That will allow the suit, and you, to breathe better. Having linen fabrics will help as well, these fabrics are more acceptable to wear in the spring and summer but if you choose the right fabrics you may be able to sneak them in during the fall/winter as well.
Thompson Tee, how to stop sweating in my suit, stop sweating at work


The Thompson Tee is your friend, it absorbs and wicks away sweat much better than a traditional cotton undershirt that will be heavy. Having a shirt under your dress shirt just adds bulk and makes you sweat even more, the Thompson tee is much lighter.

Light suit fabrics Vancouver,how do i stop sweating, how do i stop sweating in a suit, i can't stop sweating at work


Remove the inside lining of the suit. Silk is breathable and having a custom lining is a lot of fun, but removing it or creating a half lined suit jacket will allow that suit to breathe even more. It will also be a lot lighter. We do this for clients who are going to an outdoor summer wedding or for those who sweat, which we have found is most guys.


If you’ve made it this far, I guess that means sweating in a suit is a common problem for you. You will need to have a suit custom tailored to be able to have it unlined or half-lined, it can cost more but shouldn’t be more than $100 to solve the problem for you. Removing the lining from your suits will be expensive and you will need a very talented tailor to do that for you.

If there is anything we can do to help you please do not hesitate to reach out or comment below. We do ship across North America if you see a fabric that you like on our website, we will just need your measurements which you can have someone you know take or a local tailor.

Are there any other problem you have with wearing suits or dress shirts? Comment below or check out our YouTube channel where we tackle lots of different issues in short videos.

- Derek Burbidge
Owner of Cardero Clothing

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