Pattern matching is a pretty simple game when you understand how it all works. We understand a lot of men are not interested in adding patterns because they don't want to stand out and they are not sure what to wear it with. We hope this quick article can help you overcome that. 


Patterns should never be the same size, shape or pattern in the same outfit. Which means a pin stripe shirt should not be paired with a pin stripe suit. If you are wearing a pinstripe suit opt for a polka dot tie, paisley pocket square and a solid shirt.

If you are wearing a glen check suit opt for a check shirt and polka dot tie with a solid pocket square.

We recommend not going past 3 patterns per outfit. It will allow the right things to pop without risking going overboard. If you want to start with 2 patterns until you are use to it that would be the right way to start. Don't try and mix 4 patterns right off the bat, ease yourself into it.


We never recommend a patterned suit for your first few suits when you are wanting to start building your wardrobe. Navy blue is always our recommended starter suit with charcoal and light to mid grey next. All solid colors. A patterned suit is usually less formal and harder to match with other clothes in your wardrobe.
The goal for us is to see you build an interchangeable wardrobe, a patterned suit makes it harder to do that. Once you have about 3-4 of the essentials you can introduce a patterned suit since you won't be wearing it as much. If you are not a business professional we highly recommend a solid navy blue suit or one with a very subtle pattern like the black glen check. It is a timeless suit that you can wear for many years.


  • Never match patterns with the same pattern, for example pin stripe to pin stripe.
  • Never match patterns with one of the same size, for example glen check to windowpane.
  • If you are a professional do not buy a patterned suit until your 4th or 5th suit.
  • Patterns are less formal than solid colored suits.
If you need help or would like some advice do not hesitate to reach out, we would love to help!

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