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​Red, purple, orange, yellow…all colors that can catch the eye, colors that need to be worn appropriately or you will run the risk of sending the wrong message with your outfit. In this post our aim is to teach you how to wear those colors in your wardrobe.
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The obvious choice most men have for a subtle addition is in a tie or a patterned dress shirt. I find this is a great starting point for most guys. A lot of our clients come to us looking for blues or grays and that is all they have in their wardrobe, when it comes to branching out we like to start with softer colors.

​A mid red tie or even a blue tie with a red pattern. Start as simple as you would like, if you need suggestions feel free to reach out to us.
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A patterned blazer or our favorite, the pocket square, are the perfect places to add a stylish bold color to your look. If you don’t want to stand out too much, choosing a blazer over a suit is your best choice.

​Wear it on a night out with friends or a date night to try it out. If you feel uncomfortable in it, try it a few more times in different settings. Don’t give up, it’s like a new haircut, you have to give it a chance.
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For the pocket square, if you don’t have one we always suggest guys start with a solid white cotton. It goes with pretty much every outfit. From there you can start to branch out with a light blue and subtle patterns or colors.

​Grow your comfort level bit by bit if you are new to pocket squares. The golden rule is to never match the tie and pocket square. Red paisley silk tie, white cotton pocket square; deep green wool tie, light blue pattern silk pocket square.


Late last year we added velvet to our collection, it became a quick best seller for the winter months. Instead of a solid black tuxedo guys were coming to us to go for a modern smoking jacket look.

​That is one way to do it, another way is to work your way into it. If you don’t feel comfortable with the subtle or stylish addition yet, adding a bold color can go wrong.
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How to start, add one bold color at a time in a major piece, usually that is the dress shirt or the jacket. Don’t add a bold color to the pants alone, it will draw the eyes to the lower part of your body. The goal is to always draw the eyes to your face.

We like to recommend having the bold colors up top and complimenting or neutrals in the pants. The best starter colors are bold blue suits as a fourth choice in your suit rotation, pastel linen blazers in the summer and rich colors in the fall.


New colors or styles should not be daunting or something to be afraid of, with a little guidance you can start to introduce new looks that are not that much different than what you are already wearing. You may never even get to the bold additions and that is completely fine.

​The goal with introducing new colors is to add some depth to your wardrobe and this post was inspired by the countless clients that have come to us looking for another blue, or another grey in their wardrobe. Like them, you can slowly introduce new colors to your wardrobe and know how to wear them.

- Derek Burbidge
Owner of Cardero Clothing
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