How to Contrast the Color of Your Clothes: Men’s Professional Style Tips

Plaid suit, contrasting shirt and suit

Tip #23: Contrast your clothing instead of matching. 

When I first started moving towards a more professional wardrobe I found the easiest way to match my colors was to stick in the same shades. A light blue shirt and a dark blue tie was something I would do quite a bit. It is a decent look but to really level up, try contrasting over matching colors. 

Here are a few ideas on how to get started: 

Move away from matching the tie and pocket square. Opt for a white cotton pocket square with any tie instead. This small change will make a world of difference, learn more about matching a tie and pocket square in our previous blog post. 

A rule that everyone should live by is, make sure your tie is darker than your shirt. By investing in upwards of 90% of light colored dress shirts this will be an easy rule to follow. 

Get creative with your color choices. Rather than relying on blues and greys, try a mid-blue suit with a pink dress shirt. The colors compliment nicely and show off a stylish look. 

The key to contrasting colors is to have confidence in your choices. Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations and see what works best for you. Usually starting with dress shirt and tie combos, utilizing what you already have in your wardrobe. And if you're ever unsure of what to wear, don't be afraid to ask for help. Send us a message or comment below if you need some help. 


So, what's your go-to outfit or color combination that you're ready to branch away from or evolve? Share your thoughts in the comments below and we'll provide you with some new ideas on how to make the most of your wardrobe. Whether you're a seasoned style expert or just starting to explore your fashion sense, there's always room to level up and add some excitement to your look. 


Derek Burbidge - Owner/Founder of Cardero Clothing

In 2014, Derek rented a suit for his wedding only to later discover the advice he received was terrible and the fit of the rentals was way off. After travelling to Thailand and Europe soon after his wedding he was introduced to bespoke clothing and various timeless styles. As a lover of all things men's fashion, he started Cardero Clothing to keep men from making the same mistakes he did.

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