Winter Gear for Men, how to dress professionally in the winter
The weather turns quickly and you do not want to be stuck with the wrong clothing for the season change. The cold and I do not get along, if I am not wearing the proper shoes or layers it is game over. Below I will list the essential pieces you will need for the winter.
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An overcoat will be your biggest investment but it will also make up for missing anything else in this list. Having a proper overcoat will keep you warm in the coldest of weather. Make sure the length reaches just above your knee and the sleeve length is a little longer than your suit jacket and dress shirt sleeve.
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If your location does not get that cold, make sure you have a proper top coat. It will keep you warm from the wind and rain but not cause unnecessary bulk in your outfit or cause you to sweat.

​Any of our suit fabrics​ can be turned into a top coat.
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Go with a thicker wool, super 100 would be ideal, depending on the temperature. Super 100 is a thicker 100% wool garment. The majority of suits are made at super 120. 

Adding textures like herringbone to your fabric will be an ideal texture for the winter as well. Check out our Hugo Collection or Lazer Collection for our heavier wools.
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A thick sole, leather boot will be your best bet for the winter months. The rain and snow will bead off of the leather much better than any other fabric. Spray it with waterproof spray and brush your boots after every wear, especially if there is salt on the roads and sidewalks.

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Leather gloves will be functional and stylish for this time of year. Add a fabric interior to the gloves to keep you extra warm. If you use your phone a lot with gloves on, invest in gloves with the fingertip fabric created to swipe on your phone. Otherwise you will have to take your glove off in the cold weather.
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Heat escapes from your head and your toes, having proper boots and a hat will make sure you stay warm. Toque’s are great to cover your ears but will mess your hair much more than a cabby hat.


Adding textures in your accessories are a stylish look for the winter, look towards a wool tie or pocket square to complete your look.
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Add a shoe brush and suit brush to your closet and brush your suits and shoes after every wear, especially when it is snowing or there is salt on the roads. At the end of the season dry clean your suit to get the salt off of the garment. If you will be storing the suit, dry clean it and store it in a garment bag with the zipper opened by 2” to allow the air to flow through.


The overcoat and boots are the most important parts of your wardrobe in the winter. If you take public transit or have to be outdoors quite a bit during the day, invest in thicker fabrics to keep yourself warm. If we missed anything, you need the above products or would like some more help, comment below or message us directly.

- Derek Burbidge
Owner of Cardero Clothing

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