Don’t be Too Flashy: Men’s Professional Style Tips

A man wearing a stylish pink linen blazer, white dress shirt, purple tie holding a book

Tip #5: Avoid wearing bright colors or bold patterns that can be distracting.

If you're looking to elevate your style game, consider starting with a clean and classic color scheme, think neutrals like grey, white and even light blue or navy. Instead of going too bold and flashy right off the bat. If you are looking to add bold colors, only do so after you have the neutrals in place. Once you have those, aim for one bold color or pattern in your outfit and everything else muted or soft. This approach is similar to interior design - you want to have a single focal point, rather than an overwhelming mix of colors.

Focal Point

Think about a living room - you wouldn't (or at least shouldn't) put a yellow couch with a red feature wall and a bright green coffee table. It would look tacky and overwhelming to the eye. The same goes for your outfit. You can start with a bold blue suit jacket as your focal point and have everything else complement it.

Here's an example of a color scheme that's both bold and classy:

Jacket: Bold blue

Shirt: White

Pocket square: Mid-grey

Pants: Charcoal grey

Shoes and belt: Matching brown

A man in a navy suit, red dress shirt and complimenting blue tie

Keeping the rest of your outfit muted will allow the bold blue jacket to stand out and make a statement. And by choosing neutral colors like white, grey, and brown, you'll ensure a clean and polished look.


When it comes to fashion, it's important to remember that less is often more. With a simple and clean color scheme, you can achieve a timeless look that's both stylish and appropriate for a variety of occasions. So, next time you're putting together an outfit, consider starting with a bold color and complementing it with muted hues. You'll look clean, classy, and confident.


Derek Burbidge - Owner/Founder of Cardero Clothing

In 2014, Derek rented a suit for his wedding only to later discover the advice he received was terrible and the fit of the rentals was way off. After travelling to Thailand and Europe soon after his wedding he was introduced to bespoke clothing and various timeless styles. As a lover of all things men's fashion, he started Cardero Clothing to keep men from making the same mistakes he did.

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