It is my favorite time of the year, Fall fashion! Layers, rich colours and perfect temperatures. This is a season to have fun with your wardrobe and use your essentials to pair with your seasonals. For example, the charcoal suit with the Fall colour of Biking Red in your tie.

Every year Pantone, the colour guru’s, come out with their colours of the Fall/Winter. I will touch on 4 new ones and 2 classics in this post.
Biking Red Suit, Maroon Suit, Rich Color Suit, Rich Colour Suit
Biking Red, Biking Red Suit, 2020 Suit Colour, 2020 Suit Color


The biking red is more of a cherry than the suit photo above, but both are amazing fall colors you will wear for many years. The rich colors should be paired with neutrals so they can hold their own:

Ideal Garment: Blazer or Suit
Pair With: White, grey, light blue, light pink or black
Avoid: Mid Colours or other bold colours


​A very bold color that should be worn with caution. Do not overdo this look or you will look like a clown or worse, satan. Like the above color, you should be pairing this with subtle colors.
Ideal Garment: Blazer or tie
Pair With: White, light blue, black or navy
Avoid: Orange, yellow and green


​One of the most requested colors we have ever had. This color is very hard to find off the rack and we ran out of all of our fabrics last year, but they are coming back now and just as popular.
Ideal Garment: Suit or tie
Pair With: White, black, grey, dark brown, light pink or light blue
Avoid: Red, other greens and purple
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​Do not sleep on this color, Marquis Dixon and Steve Harvey have both rocked this look and it is beautiful. It is high on my list for my next suit or blazer and compliments dark complexions.
Ideal Garment: Suit, blazer or tie
Pair With: White, black, light or dark brown
Avoid: Red, pink, purple and yellow




​Let’s look quickly at a few classic colors that Pantone is recommending this year. The “Evening Blue” is first. It is a bit bolder than navy, but is a formal color for an essential suit.
Ideal Garment: Suit or tie
Pair With: White, Black, light blue, maroon or light pink
Avoid: Almost everything goes very well with navy


​Paloma can be seen as grey with a hint of purple. The main reason I wanted to focus on this color is to draw attention to different tons of light grey. It is a summer colour but choosing a fabric with a little bit of tone or texture to it can bring it into a Fall/Winter colour.
Ideal Garment: Suit or dress shirt
Pair With: Pastels, black, white or rich colours
Avoid: Nothing, it goes with everything


​If there is a color or style that pops out to you, it is for a reason. There will be something in this list for everyone. Whether it is your first suit or a stylish look throughout the Fall/Winter, we have you covered. Check out our fabrics here, to find your favorites.
Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below.
– Derek Burbidge
Owner of Cardero Clothing

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